The Quick Word : Inspiration

Sometimes it is as simple as finding something that moves you to become inspired.

Curious? Good!

Watch the short video (like less than a couple of minutes, amd comment below).

Sharing The Share :

Good evening Marines, FMF Corpsmen, and FMF Chaplain!

One of the ways I Serve my tribe, all of you, is reading what I can when I can of what is in my email box from all of the veteran and skills lists I am a part of. Some of those are worthy of sharing, hence the title “Sharing The Share”!

I got an article from today that had some good advice on how to handle one’s day…

“This One Easy Habit Will Make You Better (and Happier) at Work

East Grand Forks, MN To Form A Marine Corps League Detachment!

The call has gone out to area Marines to form a Detachment of the Marine Corpa League reports Instagram posting.

Server Problems Causes Glitches In Website Posts and Social Shares

A technical server issue that started Friday continues as a service “tool” at the hosting service decides that a domain transfer was initiated.

Marine Corps League Communications Officer Marine A. Blumberg is working with the domain hosting services to ensure it is resolved quickly.

Expected resolution is by this Wed or sooner as customer service has limited personal over the weekend. Updates to come as they happen.

The glitch was noticed when Marine Blumberg posted about the upcoming Marine veteran-centered podcast launch “In The Fighting Hole.” He saw revisions to the post had reverted to the original unedited state several times throughout several hours, with the ability to correct being limited.

“Our apologies to anyone this is affecting. I would advise being vigilant when posting over the next few days. Double check any posts and social shares before posting. If there are any anomalies, please notify COMMS at Thank you!”

Marine A. Blumberg

COMMS Officer

Marine Corps League, LFR Det 919

San Leandro,CA

Golden Gate Young Marines Hold 1st Aid Certification Training at Their HQ Saturday, Feb 23rd

The Golden Gate Young Marines were up early and

held their certification for 1st aid Saturday morning as a part of their program to educate older children as young as 8, all the way to 18 in essential skills.

Robert Moss was in charge along with some adult volunteers. They completed the course in 4 hrs with lunch. Good job Young Marines!