The 919 Jobs Update : VA Aquisitions

Semper Fi veteran, active, and reservist Marines! Ahoy Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen and FMF Chaplain!

Oooh-rah! To all of our motivated Auxiliaries, Associates, Affiliates, non-member veterans, non-veterans, and any and all who support them, I say, “well met”!

Welcome to the 1st 919 Jobs Update!

The 919 Jobs Update is my opportunity in the role of a Marine Corps League, Marine For Life Network Liaison, to share potential employment opportunities with Marines who are transitioning from Active Service back to civilian life.

Once a Marine, always a Marine is not a permission granted by any authority, it was an idea. We Marines are keeping it a fact, by virtue of our Service. Our Honor, Loyalty, and Commitment to that Service.

Help us keep “it real”, with substantial benefits within the framework of social, professional, and education environments. If anyone knows of a Marine coming to the area from active duty, get on your smart phone, or whatever is near, and make sure they know where we are, or how to find us. That there are benefits and help for them to be successful as a civilian.

There are challenges in making contact with these warriors; somewhere between their release and our notification of their arrival, the line of communication gets broken. Most of our efforts online are a part of our struggle to close this comms gap to Serve our brothers and sisters. We welcome any information that helps us to achieve our goal of connecting face to face with discharged personnel within the 1st 2 weeks of their arrival in the area.

Thanks and in the meantime, here are some positions with the VA!

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Academy – Jobs Update

You are subscribed to Jobs for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Academy. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

One Marine=All Marines

Marine Adrian Blumberg

One Marine= All Marines: Midwest Floods

What happens to one Marine, affects all Marines!

University Of Nebraska tells where you can help

Which Detachments are on the ground in the areas? Affected or aiding? Are ther any Detachment/Dept/Div fundraisers you know of? I’ll check out what I can find. Any internet address are even better…

Alright Marines! Our brothers and sisters need us. I am working to get enough links and information to share a quick get the word out podcast of In The Fighting Hole as soon as possible, but I need help with the info gathering. I’ll be out on the road and at shops for a good part of the day. This is what I need.

Any links to already launched fundraising for the affected areas, any contacts in the areas you might know or be, and please message me the info to:

I will see what we can do about a donation button…

Thank you Marines! Let’s get on it!


**Unfortunately, we have not receivedany additiona info on this from anyone.

The VA Ups: A New Section Sharing Veterans Administration Updates

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Sergeant Major Lanette N. Wright Retires After 30 Years of Honorable Service!

One Marine=All Marines!

This should make all of us Marines proud! An honorable retirement after 30 years of faithful service!

What are you waiting for?!? Share everywhere you can! If a 30 year retiring enlisted Marine can’t go viral with a Sound Off, then we need to work harder at making it so!

Semper Fidelis Sergeant Major Wright! We salute your faithful service to you fellow Marines and to the country you served!!

Now sound off Like Marines!!! Ooooooh-raaaaah!!!!