First Episode of In The Fighting Hole Published

In The Fighting Hole is a labor of love many years in the making. Now, with the publishing of the 1st episode, “Into My Fighting Hole, I Go”, we get to know the host, Marine Adrian ‘Yobi’ Blumberg, and how he ended up on a podcast exploring what the meaning of Service is.  

Marine Corps League

The Marine Corps League is a fixture of veteran life since the early 1920s. More can be found out about it by visiting the local East Bay Marine Corps League Website

Marine For Life Network

Has been around for over 12 years. A valuable resource for transitioning Marines, the local representative, Capt. Patrick Free is available in the San Francisco Bay area to set up transitioning Marines with valuable networking allies in employment, education, housing, and benefits! You can plug into the network fastest, by joining LinkedIn, then joining the Marine For Life Network!


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