Podcast: How to start a podcast with little to no cash flow

Well, at the risk of this getting old, you just start with what you have at hand. Do you have a smart phone? A digital recorder? Anything you can record with at all?

If you do, then over half of your battle is won, congratulations! Next most important thing is, do you have a topic you are passionate about? It can be ANYTHING, if you are passionate about it, it will show. Think about it. You probably have a favorite band, author, or actress/actor? Why do you like them? I’m betting it is because you are picking on the passion they have for what they do. Even if what you are into is screws, if it’s your passion, it will shine through.

Next, you will want to have an editing tool. The best free audio editing tool is Audacity. It isn’t the easiest to learn or use, but it is free and it works.

Now, there are several places you can start a free channel and begin uploading shows to immediately. Castbox.fm is my favorite, super easy interface. Anchor.fm is another. Many others will give you a free channel, but require you to pay for more than 3 hrs of audio, or editing tools, or sharing. I really dislike those hosts. They are predatory in my estimation.

The last thing is, create spot on your favorite social media for sharing to your friends. Your friends are going to be your best resource for getting the word out.

Viola! These days there are all kinds of ways of bein creative. Let’s e explore them together!