The 919 Jobs Update : VA Aquisitions

Semper Fi veteran, active, and reservist Marines! Ahoy Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen and FMF Chaplain!

Oooh-rah! To all of our motivated Auxiliaries, Associates, Affiliates, non-member veterans, non-veterans, and any and all who support them, I say, “well met”!

Welcome to the 1st 919 Jobs Update!

The 919 Jobs Update is my opportunity in the role of a Marine Corps League, Marine For Life Network Liaison, to share potential employment opportunities with Marines who are transitioning from Active Service back to civilian life.

Once a Marine, always a Marine is not a permission granted by any authority, it was an idea. We Marines are keeping it a fact, by virtue of our Service. Our Honor, Loyalty, and Commitment to that Service.

Help us keep “it real”, with substantial benefits within the framework of social, professional, and education environments. If anyone knows of a Marine coming to the area from active duty, get on your smart phone, or whatever is near, and make sure they know where we are, or how to find us. That there are benefits and help for them to be successful as a civilian.

There are challenges in making contact with these warriors; somewhere between their release and our notification of their arrival, the line of communication gets broken. Most of our efforts online are a part of our struggle to close this comms gap to Serve our brothers and sisters. We welcome any information that helps us to achieve our goal of connecting face to face with discharged personnel within the 1st 2 weeks of their arrival in the area.

Thanks and in the meantime, here are some positions with the VA!

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Academy – Jobs Update

You are subscribed to Jobs for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Academy. This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

One Marine=All Marines

Marine Adrian Blumberg

Holes, And Other Existential Crisis’

I am learning what a tremendous gift it is to be a Marine; choosing to emphasize the values, qualities, and bonds that characterize Marines; and exploring what the true meaning of Service is.

The “Esprit d’Corps” that binds those who answer the call to Service, whom the Drill Instructors so effectively mold into one of the most effective fighting forces the world has known, does not end after Active and Reserve Duty.

The phrase “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” was simply the dawning of a deeper, fuller understanding of what the day-to-day journey of being a Marine is. Now I see that choosing to Serve those to the left and right of me is an experience that ties me to all of my brothers and sisters: a Mission that I call “One Marine, All Marines.”

Life is a battlefield. Up until recently, most of us had been acting as if the end of active duty was the end of our service, despite echoes of the Espirit d’Corps calling in our bones, binding us together still, beyond honorable discharge. Anyone who has seen two or more Marines discover each other has witnessed the way we Marines “geek out” over each other in civilian life. The call is so strong that many of us have created “Rally Points” where we may regroup to patrol the landscapes of our community. Discharging Marines now have the Marine For Life Network. While the Old Corps Marine Corps League opens their Mission for refinement, some seek to support each other with a National Marine Corps Business Network. Still others give their motivation to those within the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Young Marines, and the Veteran’s Administration. In any number of enterprises across our land, the Marines gather, more often now, seeking answers to what Calls us to Service when our obligation is over. What Hole is left unfulfilled?

Does it mean banding together to be politically active? How could we? We protected all Americans.

Do we keep traditions alive, honor the fallen, and support those who, giving in their strength, are now weak in mind, body, or spirit? Yes, and much more than I can relate here and now.

Seeing Marines heeding The Call resonating beneath the Oo-rah, I began to contemplate launching a Marine-centered podcast to explore what tethers Marines together. What better way than to invoke that most basic of shelters from time out of mind, the fighting hole?

“In The Fighting Hole,” together, we can share our rations of life, and get into this thing. This bond. This Once a Marine, Always a Marine. We say, “Semper Fidelis” to each other, “Always Faithful.” Let One Marine hear your stories, thoughts, dreams, goals, fears, and fights, and broadcast it out to all Marines. Let’s preserve them in the record for future Marines. We may not be fancy, but if it is one thing we have, it is the heart. I am putting all of my heart into these Marines, join me as we discover where it goes in the 1st episode, ” Into My Fighting Hole, I Go.” The podcast is about you, but before you share with me, let me share how this One Marine got into his fighting hole for All Marines.

Sharing The Share :

Good evening Marines, FMF Corpsmen, and FMF Chaplain!

One of the ways I Serve my tribe, all of you, is reading what I can when I can of what is in my email box from all of the veteran and skills lists I am a part of. Some of those are worthy of sharing, hence the title “Sharing The Share”!

I got an article from today that had some good advice on how to handle one’s day…

“This One Easy Habit Will Make You Better (and Happier) at Work

Don’t Get Left in The Dust Looking for Employment!

Is this the wave of the future? Online resume web pages INSTEAD of the one or two page printed resume?


Go check out some of these articles for perspective:

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In fact, it is KEY or you will get left in the dust,…

Oh, did I mention, it has to be secure as well, or search crawlers will not find your web page?

Let’s Encrypt! is the best option out there.. When did things change so much?

What?!? Your still reading this?!

Sooooo, today,…why aren’t you ALREADY building your online Virtual Experience to give your perspective employers a chance to virtually walk in your shoes and experience your experience???

Lol! I joke, but it is vitally important to keep up with technological cultural engagement changes that will affect your networking and employment opportunities.

We will do well to keep in mind the blinding advancement of technology.