One Marine= All Marines: Midwest Floods

What happens to one Marine, affects all Marines!

University Of Nebraska tells where you can help

Which Detachments are on the ground in the areas? Affected or aiding? Are ther any Detachment/Dept/Div fundraisers you know of? I’ll check out what I can find. Any internet address are even better…

Alright Marines! Our brothers and sisters need us. I am working to get enough links and information to share a quick get the word out podcast of In The Fighting Hole as soon as possible, but I need help with the info gathering. I’ll be out on the road and at shops for a good part of the day. This is what I need.

Any links to already launched fundraising for the affected areas, any contacts in the areas you might know or be, and please message me the info to:

I will see what we can do about a donation button…

Thank you Marines! Let’s get on it!


**Unfortunately, we have not receivedany additiona info on this from anyone.