Sergeant Major Lanette N. Wright Retires After 30 Years of Honorable Service!

One Marine=All Marines!

This should make all of us Marines proud! An honorable retirement after 30 years of faithful service!

What are you waiting for?!? Share everywhere you can! If a 30 year retiring enlisted Marine can’t go viral with a Sound Off, then we need to work harder at making it so!

Semper Fidelis Sergeant Major Wright! We salute your faithful service to you fellow Marines and to the country you served!!

Now sound off Like Marines!!! Ooooooh-raaaaah!!!!


BREAKING: New Podcast Exploring Marine Service and Espirit d’Corps Looking For Co-Host

New podcast, In The Fighting Hole, seeks co-hosts. May delay launch of 1st episode to re-record if a Woman Marine co-host is found. Possible room for another. More to come as details emerge…