The Quick Word: Amazon in Chicago (And Everywhere…)

Hey Marines, FmF Corpsmen, and Chaplain!

Were you aware that Amazon is actively swinging out, not only those transitioning from active duty, but also veterans as well?

Indeed, they are! In fact, if you fit into any of the status’ just mentioned, you can boogie on over to, sign up as a mentee for FREE, and find yourself a mentor with Amazon to speak with about how to explore the options available to you there and beyond!

I use veterati myself and it is endorsed by the Marine Corps League. By veterans, for veterans.

This has been The Quick Word from One Marine, to All Marines, now go Get Some!

That Moment, When It All Hits You, And You Snap

Good evening Marines, how does that headline sentence above make you feel? Any triggers in it? Feel a tightening in your gut and does your blood pressure increase a bit? Maybe a lot?

All Marines have a pack they are carrying. We are Marines after all. It is part of what our Service is. We haul the load, carry the pack, do what needs to be done. Some loudly, others silently. In this article from the Reboot Camp section of the Military Times, they cover what one veteran Marine did when all of his duty, service, and sacrifice culminated in something that could have had far different results had he not followed the path that opened up in front of him in that time of his life. Excellent transition story. Many are in this type of moment now. This is for you.

Don’t Get Left in The Dust Looking for Employment!

Is this the wave of the future? Online resume web pages INSTEAD of the one or two page printed resume?


Go check out some of these articles for perspective:

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In fact, it is KEY or you will get left in the dust,…

Oh, did I mention, it has to be secure as well, or search crawlers will not find your web page?

Let’s Encrypt! is the best option out there.. When did things change so much?

What?!? Your still reading this?!

Sooooo, today,…why aren’t you ALREADY building your online Virtual Experience to give your perspective employers a chance to virtually walk in your shoes and experience your experience???

Lol! I joke, but it is vitally important to keep up with technological cultural engagement changes that will affect your networking and employment opportunities.

We will do well to keep in mind the blinding advancement of technology.