What? I have to market harder?!?

Alright Marines! If you need to learn anything, it is how to market yourself, right?

No matter what your personal views are regarding social media, bottom line is, if you want to get your message out into the market arena, you will have to learn engage with social media effectively.

“Which one?!?”, I can hear some of you saying, “Facebook? MeWe? WhatsApp? Snapchat? LinkedIn? There are so MANY!”

Your right, there are!

Start thinking about where and how to target your audience NOW! Here’s good place to begin thinking about it…

Don’t Get Left in The Dust Looking for Employment!

Is this the wave of the future? Online resume web pages INSTEAD of the one or two page printed resume?


Go check out some of these articles for perspective:

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In fact, it is KEY or you will get left in the dust,…

Oh, did I mention, it has to be secure as well, or search crawlers will not find your web page?

Let’s Encrypt! is the best option out there.. When did things change so much?

What?!? Your still reading this?!

Sooooo, today,…why aren’t you ALREADY building your online Virtual Experience to give your perspective employers a chance to virtually walk in your shoes and experience your experience???

Lol! I joke, but it is vitally important to keep up with technological cultural engagement changes that will affect your networking and employment opportunities.

We will do well to keep in mind the blinding advancement of technology.